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About Our School

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Nuestros guías líderes

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Guía Líder

Maestra Líder Fundadora y Guía Primaria

Madeleine Nutting has been teaching in Montessori schools since 2014. Madeleine has an AMI Elementary certification from Montessori Northwest and has also received training in Montessori for Ageing and Dementia from AMI, as a childbirth doula with DONA, and early childhood development. Madeleine is from Washington DC, but she went to high school in Amman, Jordan. Madeleine is passionate about Montessori, and she likes to garden, practice Arabic calligraphy, and hang out with her two cats, Raisinette and Zaya.

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Guía Líder

Maestra Líder Fundadora y Guía Primaria

Carmen started her teaching career in traditional public schools, teaching fourth and eighth grades. After years of working to create a more flexible and responsive space to support her students, she discovered Montessori and fell in love. She received her AMI Elementary diploma from Montessori Northwest. When she is not with students, she is spending time with her family, reading about polar exploration, working with her hands, or diving into learning something new.

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